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Message from the President

Carve out the future through encounters
with people and learning.

Kitagawa, Hiroshi
Hiroshi Kitagawa
President, Seikei University

What kind of place should a university be? Although there are many different answers to this question, most importantly, university is a place where individuals can enjoy many new encounters. It should be a place where you can meet new friends, classmates, senior students and junior students in seminars and clubs. It is also a place to encounter new subjects that you never knew about before. Seikei University offers the chance for students to actively encounter a multitude of new experiences as well as the optimum environment for each and every student to grow and develop. A specific example is the use of traditional small group instruction where the distance between students and instructors is minimal. The chance for all students across the four faculties of Economics, Law, Humanities, and Science and Technology to spend their entire four years on the same campus is a major benefit our University is proud to offer. Students can actively meet many different people across disciplines and school years and enrich their education and social skills naturally. You can develop advanced expert knowledge through studying the different disciplines and receive a well-rounded education that surpasses the boundary of discipline. Our University’s primary goal in education is to nurture and develop educated individuals equipped with expertise.