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Review of Asian and Pacific Studies is published once a year (November) by Center for Asian and Pacific Studies. This journal serves the needs of the scholars whose research interests lie in the Asia-Pacific region, and have published many high-quality papers in the fields of politics, economics, sociology, history, technology transfer and environmental problems on this region.

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No.43 (2018) Special Issue: Mutual Connectivity in Asia

Articles of Special Issue

〈Symposium on “Sport and International Contribution” 〉The Dream in Paralympics: On the Body in “the Era of Impossibility” / The New Value of Sports and Society from Olympic Games 2020
Keiko Nakae

The Hosting of Summer Olympic Games in Postwar Asia and Tasks for “Tokyo 2020”: From the Viewpoint of the Theory of Space in Sport
Koichi Kiku

Whose Development is It? : An Analysis of Aid Effectiveness in Sport
Tsutomu Kobayashi
〈Symposium on “Rediscovering Korean Culture in Japan” 〉On the Imagination of Mr. Soetsu Yanagi, around the discovery of Korea and Japan
Keiko Nakae
Korean Migrants and Ancient Japan: East Asia and Japan
Mitsuo Inoue

The Cultural Identity Shared by Northern Kyushu and Korea’s Southern District in Ancient Times
Kim Jong-ki
〈Symposium on “Growing Movement between Vietnam and Japan”〉Vietnam’s Labor Export: Responses to the Problem of Desertion among Technical Interns in Japan
Futaba Ishizuka
The Vietnam-Japan Trans-border Recruiting System for Construction Workers: The Japan’s Changing National Policy and the Role of Intermediate Agencies
Satomi Era

Jobs and Incomes of Former International Students who Returned to Vietnam
Ayami Hirasawa


The Spouses Property Division in Modern Mongolian Family’s Property System
Baldandorj Urangoo
National Development and Indigenous Rights in Latin America: Analysis of the tensions produced with the Chilean State by the Mapuche demand for self-determination
Jeanne W. Simon & Claudio González-Parra
Quantitative Analyses of Determinant Mechanism of Beauty in Indonesia: Is Beauty Nature or Rational Investment?
Jun Kobayashi &
Kenichi Nishimura

Peer-reviewed Articles

Study on Comparison of Criminal Law and Administrative Law in   Chinese Statute of Limitations
Koji Takahashi

Pilot Project Report

The Spread of OCB in the Organization: A study of the Process Involved
Yutaka Ueda
Air-water-interface Discharge Simulations for Advanced Water Resource Utilization
Tomoyuki Murakami
Distribution of Social Support Networks and Sense of Security in Hachioji, Tokyo, 2017
Jun Naito


No.42 (2017) Special Issue: Divisions and Intersections in Asia

Articles of Special Issue

〈On the thoughts of 共生への道と核心現場 by Baik Young-seo〉Welcome to East Asian Forum
Yoshihiko Ikegami

An Interwoven Relationship between Universalism and Colonialism : Reconsidering Postwar Democracy in Japan
Hang Kim

Fukushima as the core spot of the division
Hisato Nakajima
〈From the International Workshop アラブ文学との対話II 〉Espace sexué et genre dévoilé
Seloua Luste Boulbina(Author), Jun Sunose (Translator)

“Voice” and “language” of Japanese-speaking literature:Tami Sakiyama and Park Kyong Mi’s Dialogue
Izumi Sato

Poetics of Women’s Everyday Life: Labour, Things, Language
Asako Nakai

Book Review

The Cultural Heritage under the Syrian Conflict
Masashi Abe


Decomposing Romantic Love Ideology:Quantitative Analyses of Love, Marriage, and Birth in 2015 Japanese National   Survey on Social Stratification and Life Course (SSL-2015)
awJun Kobayashi / Hiroko Osaki / Kenji Kawabata/ Daisuke Watanabe

Peer-reviewed Articles

A Study on Localization of Human Resources in Japanese Firms in Myanmar : Interview Survey of Five Japanese Firms
Yohei Horima

Mediating Effect of Affective Commitment on Organizational Factors and Customer Satisfaction
Yutaka Ueda / Yoshiki Matsui / Atsuko Ebine

Pilot Project Report

A Study of the Introduction of Reduction of Punishment in Light of Extenuating Circumstances in the Meiji Era
Naho Mita


No.41 (2016) Special Issue: On “Thoughts of Okinawa”

Articles of Special Issue

To Live Together with “Okinawa”: A Study of Okamoto Keitoku’s On “Okinawa Note
Katsunao Murakami

Continuation of Anti-reversion Theory:Reconsidering the Philosophy of Keitoku Okamoto
Mitsuaki Ono
Okamoto Keitoku “The Idea of a Horizontal Axis” and Criticism of  “Centralization of Power”
Takeshi Kagoshima

Lasting Death / Poem:1960s Movement among Ryukyu University Students and Nakaya Kokichi
Jun Matsuda


Does Mayors’ Social Capital Increase Local Governments’ Performance? : Quantitative Analyses of 300 Local Governments Survey in the Philippines
Jun Kobayashi / Kenichi Nishimura / Hiroko Osaki

The Impact of Migration on Tourism Demand: Evidence from Japan
Ivan Etzo

The Romanization of Chinese Language
Huang Xing / Xu Feng

Discovery of “Gwisoonja(Defector)”—Regarding the Notion of “Gwisoon(Defection)” in Liberated Korea—
Minsung Koh

Pilot Project Report

A Preliminary Study on the Earthenware Written in “ 奉”“ 本”“ 夲”with Ink in Ancient Japan
Junya Aritomi

Book Review

Thinking Peace in the Wilderness:The Review of Politics of Feminism Written by Okano Yayo
Cho Kyunghee

Dependency, Interpellation, Passivity:Feminist Politics and Subversive Subject
Midori Hayashi

Education and Language of Migrants:An Ethnography of Korean Chinese , Written by Cho Kika
Chikako Yamawaki

The Identities of Korean-Chinese Migrants:Inspirations for People’s Living-together in East Asia
Emi Kato

Research Note

Survey on Exchange Agreements with Chinese Universities in Japanese Universities: From Questionnaire Survey of Japanese Universities
Ryo Tsuda


No.40 (2015) Special Issue: Reviewing Asia: Memory, Identity and Coexistence

Articles of Special Issue

Pain of the Memory, Power of the Story: On Hisashi Inoue’s Chichi to Kuraseba
Yoko Murakami

 Place and Memory of Palestine: Around Tawfiq Canaan’s Traces and His Achievements
Aoe Tanami
[Workshop Report ]  The Vagabond Seagulls Tell Tales for a Thousand Years ─ and Beyond
Nobuko Kyo / Shinja Kang

On Kohei Hanazaki’s Thoughts   A Personal Retrospection of the Serial Lecture on Kohei HANAZAKI ’s Thought: From the Perspective of the Third Person “I”
Takashi Kawamoto

For the Politics of “Demand”, Not for the Ethics of “Conversion”
Yoshiko Kanai
[Lecture] Thoughts of Coexistence and Identity
Kohei Hanazaki

Special Report [Workshop Report] Reading Asian Thought ─ Around 中江 兆民
Haruo Miyamura, Shinya Ida


An Insight into Asian Trade Regionalism: Japan’s Double Membership in the Exclusive Games of TPP, and RCEP.
Sebastian Bobowski

Direct Investment of Chinese Enterprises on the European Market by Industries
Łopacińska Karolina

Pilot Project Report

Developing a Role-Playing Game for Cultural Understanding and Conducting a Comparative Experiment between Multiple Countries
Yukiko Nakano

Who Issues Debt Securities in Emerging Economies?
Mamoru Nagano

Preparation of Geopolymer Powder Using Network Structure of Polyvinyl Alcohol
Motoki Inoue


No.39 (2014) Special Issue: Reconsidering the wars in Asia:What we should learn

Articles of Special Issue

"New Wars"Theory and North-east Asia:Toward the Construction of Peace in Region
Yuichi Aiko

The Kashmir issue:Between territory and sovereignty
Aeka Inoue
Armed Conflict in Southern Philippines:Forming and Redefining the Concept of a Semi-Religious Nationality
Midori kawashima

The Korean War and its Aftermath:North Korean Perspectives on the Armistice Agreement System


Can Nations Forgive? Japan, Korea, and China Remember the Past and Face the Future
Thomas W. Burkman

Creation of the Future from the Impacts of 3・11 Disasters Japan and the World in the Course of Civilization Crisis
Satoru Ikeuchi

Pilot Project Report

Direct Democracy and the Role of the Judiciary in America: Oregon Initiatives and the Single Subject Rule
Keisuke Mark Abe

Moral debt and Realpolitik: “Reconciliation” between Germany and Israel
Takumi Itabashi

How Were Wartime Sexual VIolences Tried in Court? Cordova Case in the Philippines
Taihei Okada

Trade Structure and the Choice of Exchange Rate Regime in East Asia: A Theoretical Consideration
Vu Tuan Khai

Research and Development of Superconducting Techonologies in Asia and Pacific Area
Masashi Miura

Book Review

PARK, J. 2013, Change of the North Korean Economic System,1945~2012. Sapporo: Hokkaido University Press.
Haruka Miyazaki


Special Issue (2014)

Takashi Tomita

Ⅰ On Symposium “Toward the Whole Picture of the Detention in Siberia”

International Symposium on Japanese Prisoners of War in the Soviet Union
Takeshi Tomita

Ⅱ Japanese Prisoners of War in Kazakhstan

POWs in Kazakhstan: From their Detention to their Repatriation
Nurlan Dulatbekov

Legers for POWs in Kazakhstan:
Their Health Care System and Hygienic Conditions
Nurshat Zhumadilova

Archival Documents on POWs Taken during the Soviet-Japanese War
Zhanbolat Baimurynov

On Museum of Karlag
Bayan Zhunussova

My Short History during the Detention as POW in Kazakhstan
Masao Go

Traces of Japanese POWs Detained in Kazakhstan:
Introduced with Photographs
Shunsuke Ajikata

Japanese POWs in Karaganda in their Memoirs
Takeshi Tomita

Appendix: Ahiko Tetsuro: A Former POW Who Remained in Karaganda
after his Release from the Lager
Takeshi Tomita

Ⅲ Contemporary Research on the Detention and the Future Tasks of Social Movements for Historical Memoirs

Why Did Leaders in the Soviet Union Detain Soldiers of the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces?
Elena Katasonova

Memories for a Future:
Preface to the Publication of Japanese Prisoners of War in Karaganda Oblast
Nurlan Dulatbekov

For the Inheritance of our Historical Past: Some Problems Three Years after the Enactment of the Act on Special Measures for Post-war Forced Internees
Ken Arimitsu

Recent Achievements of Research on Japanese POWs in the Soviet Union and its Further Tasks in the Future
Takeshi Tomita

Introduction to Issues on Japanese POWs in the Soviet Union:
What Should Be Read?
Takeshi Tomita


No.38 (2013) Articles of Special Issue: American Society in the Dynamics of Integration and Disintegration

Articles of Special Issue

Introduction to Special Issue: American Society in the Dynamics of Integration and Disintegration
Yuichi Aiko

Division and Integration in American History: The Civil War, Ethnic and Racial Divisions, the Tea Party Movement
Daizaburo Yui

Racial Visions of Barak Obama’s “A More Perfect Union” Speech: For a Critical Inquiry into the Framework of a “Postracial Society”
Katsuyuki Murata

Shifting Dynamics of Gender and American Society: Women’s Labor Participation and Glass Ceiling
Yoshiko Nozaki

America Seen from How Democracy in America Is Read: An Integrated Image of American Society
Yuichi Aiko


The Program Evaluation of Seoul English Village Pungnap Camp
Carreira Matsuzaki Junko

Documenting 19th Century Typhoon Landfalls in Japan
Michael J. Grossman and Masumi Zaiki

Life Cycle Analysis and Modelling(LCAM) of Jatropha as Biofuel in Dynamic Economic Environment of Newly Emerging Economies
Sangeeta Sinha, Seiichi Suzuki, Toshinori Kojima, Shigeru Kato and Sanjay Kumar

Quality Signaling, Advertising and Firm Numbers
Hsiao-Chien Tsui and Yi-Shiun Lin

The Defense Industry at the Beginning of the Twenty-first Century: A European Perspective
Przemyslaw Skulski

The Impact of Innovations on the ICT Market in the Twenty-first Century
Boguslawa Drelich-Skulska

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and Educational Research on Asian American Educational Achievement
Hiromitsu Inokuchi

Pilot Project Report

Opposition in Parliamentary Democracies: British and Japanese Political Parties in Comparison
Takako Imai

Several Properties of Ferrous Materials Manufactured in Asia and the Pacific Area
Takashi Sakai

Thoreau’s 72 Spells: An Attempt in 1852
Tadashi Kondo


No.37 (2012) Articles of Special Issue: Migration and Identity in the Age of Globalization: The Case of the Youth

Articles of Special Issue

Introduction to Special Issue: Migration and Identity in the Age of Globalization: The Case of the Youth
Yoko Kawamura

International Students’ Movements and Higher Education Policies: Formation of Education Hubs and Change of Multicultural Societies
Miki Sugimura

The Transnational Identity of New Second Generation Migrants and the Role of Media: A Case Study of Young People in New York City and London
Yuiko Fujita

Out of Place: Rethinking Youth Culture in the Age of Globalization
Saya Shiraishi

Highly Educated Korean Chinese Living Overseas: Their Strategic Language Education and Hybrid Identity
Guihua ZHAO


The System of “Guiding Cases” in China
Chen Xingliang (trans. Jin Guangxu)

Manifestations of the Mountain: Preliminary Remarks on the Utopian Study of Potalaka in Pre-modern East Asia
Steffen Döll

Reverse Gender Gap and Higher Education: Views from Mongolia
Yoshiko Nozaki

Thomas Jefferson’s “Empire of Liberty” A Consequence of the Republican Constitution?
Yuichi Aiko

Pilot Project Report

What English Language Means to the Japanese: English Language Education and Language Policies
Fumi Morizumi

ICT Technologies and Their Applications to the Home Environment in Asian/Oceania Regions:
From the View Points of Aging and Home Healthcare
Kimio Oguchi

Development of High Functional VOC Adsorbent from Rice Husk Ash
Teruhisa Hongo, Atsushi Yamazaki and Akihiro Yamasaki

Research Materials

Basic Principles and Guidelines on Development-based Evictions and Displacement
(Japanese translation) Introduction and Translation: Kei Hakata


No.36 (2011) Special Issue 1: Possibilities of Film as Recording Medium: What Is Videographing Culture? / Special Issue 2: Words, Letters, Women’s Liberation

Articles of Special Issue 1

Introduction to Special Issue 1:“Possibilities of Film as Recording Medium: What Is Videographing Culture?”
Aki Yamagami

The Island Where Women Protect Men: Onari-gami Belief and Kudaka Island, Okinawa
Minao Kitamura

Participatory Video Practice with an Indigenous Association: Video-making as a Tool for Cultural Symbiosis
Daisuke Bundo

Videographing Unknown Tokyo: Wonder Skills and Fabric of Human Relationships seen at Tsukiji Fish Market
Riko Hiro

Articles of Special Issue 2

About Mini Symposium “Words, Letters, Women's Liberation”
Tomiko Yuyama

Linguistic Gender and Feminist Movement
Katsuhiko Tanaka

Women’s Creative Art, Nushu, Chinese Women’s Script
Orie Endo


University Citizenship Behavior in Class: The Effect of Professor’s Lecture Justice on Students’ Diligence
Yutaka Ueda and Atsuko Yoshimura

An Historical Essay on the Obligations in the Constitution of Japan: Redefining the Idealized Standards of the Japanese People
Hirofumi Takase

Transition of Legislation Relating to Registration of Residence for Domestic Migrants in Vietnam
Isao Kishi

Nagai Kafū’s Reflections on Urban Beauty in Hiyorigeta: Reappraising Tokyo’s Back Alleys and Waterways
Evelyn Schulz

The Saishôshi Tennô-in and the Poems for its Sliding Doors as an Affirmation of the Legitimacy of Imperial Power
Michel Vieillard-Baron

A "Kokutai" Crisis after the Defeat and Correspondence of the Imperial Court: Mainly on a Process Leading to Imperial Household Office Setting
Seiichi Chadani

Is the Republic Peaceful? An Aspect of American International Political Thought in Hamilton and Madison
Yuichi Aiko

Pilot Project Report

Social Differences in Lifestyles: A Case Study of Externalization of Food
Jun Kobayashi


No.35 (2010) Special Issue: Asia-Pacific, Children and Films

Articles of Special Issue

Introduction to Special Issue “Asia-Pacific, Children and Films”
Yasuhiro Nakagami and Yuichi Aiko

Children and International Relations: A New Research Agenda
Yuichi Aiko

Learning to Be an Absentee:
Deprivation of Belongingness through Arabic Textbooks in Israel
Aoe Tanami

“Documentation” and “Representation” of Native Artists:
Experiences of Indigenous Children under Conflict
Hiromi Hosoya

Projecting the Dharma:
Film and the Transmission of Buddhism in the Contemparary World
Atsuki Nakagami

Representing the Subaltern:
Women and Children Describeb in Films on India
Takako Inoue


War and International order in Japan's International Legal Discourse:
Attitudes among Japanese International Lawyers during the 1920s
Urs Matthias Zachmann

Pilot Project Report

Can “Freedom from Fear” be Guaranteed?
Reconsidering Recent Policy Debates on International peace and
Security from the Perspective of IDP Protection
Kei Hakata

Research Materials

Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement-Japanese Version
Committee on the Elaboration of the Japanese
Version of the GPID
(Chaired by Kei Hakata)

Annotations to the Japanese Version of the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement
Kei Hakata
(Chair, Committee on the Elaboration of the Japanese
Version of the GPID)


No.34 (2009) Special Issue: China,Okinawa-Potentials of Documentary Film/Art

Articles of Special Issue

Yoichi Kamejima

Choice and Resources: Documentary Film in China
Yoshihiko Ikegami

Documentary Film and Power
Wu Wenguang (ed. and trans. Tamako Akiyama)

Memories in Ushinawareshi-mono-tachi (The Lost): A Sketch of Documentaries in Okinawa
Isao Nakazato


Communal and Customary Land Ownership: Land in Australian Overseas Aid Policy
Yoshinori Kosaka

The Role of Private High Schools in the Regional Variation of Japanese Educational Expansions in the 1960s
Shinichi Aizawa, Hideyasu Kodama and Mei Kagawa

The Makhzan and the Bakuhan: Regards on Pre-modern States in Morocco and Japan
Mohamed Aafif

Technology Management and Microfinance in Integrated Rural Development Strategy
Sanjay Kumar and Toshinori Kojima

DPRK-Japan Relations and Chongryon: 1971-1972
Ko Il

Pilot Project Report

Remembering Injustice: White Supremacy and Androcentrism in Charles W. Chesnutt's The Marrow of Tradition
Kenji Gonda

No.33 (2008) Special Issue: Environment

Articles of Special Issue

Cognition of Environmental Problems and Informational Regulation
Takashi Iida

Season Words and Anti-Global-Warming Measures
Tadashi Kondo

Social Conditions of Recycling Behavior Comparative Study of Tokyo 23 Wards
Yohei Katano


Symbolism of Rice: Concepts of Purity and Impurity in the Newar Society of Nepal
Aki Yamagami

Sustainable Community Development with Special Reference to Community Forestry in Nepal
Mangala Shrestha

Research Note

The Setback of Multiculturalism under the Emergence of the New Right
Yoriko Kawakami

Pilot Project Report

Family Comparison of East Asia: Historical Formation and Deployment of the Idea of Supporting Old Parentsin China - Compoared with the Ones in Japanese and South Korea
Tomiko Yuyama

Women's Trip, Commoners'Trip
Kazuhiko Asami

No.32 (2007)


The Revival of the Roji in Modern Japan: The Role of Indigenous Urban Structures in the Discourse of the Urban
Evelyn Schulz

Acquisition of Geminate Consonants by English Speaking Learners of Japanese
Chiharu Tsurutani

The Feature and New Development of China's Criminal Law Legislation:1997-2007/dt>
Xie Wangyuan

Governance and Community Management of Public Assets: The Experience of Musashino,japan
Gavin Parker
Akihiko Takata

The Realities and Problems of Secondary Vocational Education Teachers in China: with Emphasis on Skilled Worker School Teachers
Ding Yan

Pilot Project Report

The Question of Internally Displaced Persons in Sri Lanka
Kei Hakata

No.31 (2006) Special Issue: Histories of East Asia and Dilemmmas of Indentity Formation

Articles of Special Issue

Takeuchi Yoshimi's view of China
Masahisa Suzuki

Reject being Himself, Reject being the Other
He Zhaotian

The Formation of Korean studies Ideology in 1910's through Early 1920's
(Translated by Takeaki Makino)
Ryu, Jun-pil

Minority and the Historical Burst: Is it Possible to Write a Minor History?
(Afterword by the Translator)
(Takeshi Fujii)

On Some Projects of Subject Formation in Colonial/Postcolonial Korea
Jong-wook Hong

Resisting Borders through Body and Language: "The Judgment of Park Dal" and Okinawa
Satoshi Gabe


A Study on Japan's Defense Expenditures
-Analysis of Defense Buildup and Future obligation-
Takao Segawa

"Yuan" Political Economy: China's Currency Revaluation and its Implications
Shalendra D. Sharma

Public Finance of Seigniorage and Inflation: An Empirical Study of Asian Countries
Mamoru Nagano

No.30 (2006) Special Issue: Products of Civilization Originating in Asia

Articles of Special Issue

Asian Impact on Cotton Production of the Early Modern Japan
Yuko Tanaka

Lapis Lazuli and the Exchange between the East and the West in the Ancient Time
Miwako Matsudaira

The Annual Change of Japan's Mulberry-Growing Areas and the Current State of World's Mulberry Cultivation
Kayo Hasamoto


The Parallel Transition between Nation-states and the Media
Kenji Suzuki

The Tort Liability of the Omission of the Officials in Taiwan: An Analysis of the Supreme Court Case of the Boat Accident on the Sun Moon Lake
Wu Po-Hsien

No.29 (2005)

Analysis of Cooperative Work Organizations of Rural in Comparative

Analysis of Cooperative Work Organizations of Rural in Comparative Perspective of Japan and Korea: Search for an Origin of Personnel Organizations in Factory Sun,

Japan's Success in the 19th Century as Seen in the Arab World: Possibilities and Limitations of a Comparison
Mohamed Aafif

The Balanced Curriculum - a Post-method Approach to Language Learning and Teaching Maurice Jamall
Rob Waring

War Responsibility Revisited: Auschwitz in Japan
Miriam Silverberg

Research Note

Popular, but not that Positive: Changing Chinese Media and its Effect on Public Opinion of International Affairs
FAN Shiming

Project Interim Report

The Political Systems and Governing Party Networks in Japan and Korea
Jun Iio
Yutaka Onishi
Mikitaka Masuyama

No.28 (2005)Special Issue: Representations of Nucleus in the 21st Century

Articles of Special Issue

In Quest of "Nuclear Literacy" in the 21st-century World
Michiko Shimokobe

Proud of the Cloud? The Battle over the Mushroom Cloud on the Atomic Frontier
Joshua Paul Dale

Nuclear Literature and /or Literary Nucleus - Melville, Salinger, Vizenor
Takayuki Tatsumi

John Hersey's Twice-told `HIROSHIMA'
Mamiko Komiyama


Meaning Extensions of Taste Terms in Thai and Japanese - A Case Study of `WAAN' and 'AMAI' -
Pattarawan Youyen

No.27 (2004)


The Pattern of Rapid Economic Growth in East Asia: The Flying Geese Pattern Revisited
Xioming Huang

Rural Digital Library: Connecting People in Nepal Using Solar Energy?Jagan Nath Shrestha
Binod Vaidya
Toshinori Kojima
Sanjaya Kumar

The Genealogy of Modern Japanese View on Korea: The Case of Abe Yoshishige
Choi, Jae-Chul

Regional Organizations' Judicial System Compared: Is the European Model Transposable and Should It Be?
Imola Streho

Pilot Project Report

Globalization, Empire, and the Transformation in the Nature of Security Issues: Challenges of the COncept of "Human Security"
Seiji Endo

No.26 (2004)Special Issue: Nationalism

Special Issue

Japanese Nationalism
Sandra Wilson

The Idea of a Regionalism: The Case of Modern Japan
Taichiro Mitani

Islam and Nationalism
Norio Suzuki


The Problems of Australian Multicultural Policy: the Analysis of NMAC Report and Government Response
Yoriko Kawakami

The Reforms of Skilled Worker School Education under the Market-oriented Economy in China: with Special Reference to the Changes in Majors and Curricula
Ding Yan

No.25 (2002)


The Malaysian Capital Controls and the Debates on the New International Architecture
Shalendra D. Sharma

Environmental Regulation and Its Effects on Total Factor Productivity: The Case of Korean Industries
KiHeung Kim
HaeChun Rhee
HyunSik Chung

Do International Courts Enhance Compliance with International Law?
Karen J. Alter

Correlates of Power Bases, Marital Power, Purchase Involvements and Decision Control: A Preliminary Analysis
Oliver H. M. Yau
Meredith Lawley
Janelle McPhail

Pilot Project Report

A Comparative Study of Cultural and Religious Policies in Chinese Language Speaking Areas
SHI Gang

Review Article

Sovereignty in Rationalist and Constructivist Perspectives
Katsuma Mitsutsuji

No.24 (2002)Asian Women in the 21st Century


Globalization, Development, and Gender: Gender and the Japanese State under the Effects of Globalization
Ruri Ito

The Globalization, Development, and Gender Nexus: Exploring the Paradoxes of Gendered Development in the Philippines
Cynthia Bautista

The State and Womenfs Roles in the Economy: The Case of Singapore
Wei-hsin Yu

Globalization and Violence against Women in Asia
Yayori Matsui

Topics Raised in the Working Sessions at the Seikei Forum: Labour
Keiko Takeuchi

Topics Raised in the Working Sessions at the Seikei Forum: Family
Kaoru Tachi
Tomiko Yuyama

Topics Raised in the Working Sessions at the Seikei Forum: Sexual Abuse
Yayo Okano

Research Note

Agriculture in Nepal and the Role of Women
Mangala Shrestha

A Feminine Aspect of the Mizo Traditional Religion
Lalrinawmi Ralte

No.23 (2002)


Nationalism and Ethnicity in Africa
Crawford Young

Profit Margins, Market Structure, and Foreign Trade in a Small Open Ecnomy
Hsiao-Chien Tsui

Foreign Portfolio Investment in the Indonesian Stock Market: Will They Flow Back?
Catherine Roc

Effects of Tax Depreciation Rules on Firms' Investment Decisions in an Inflationary Phase: Comparison of Net Present Values in Japan and Selected EU Countries
Chang Woon Nam
Kee Yung Nam

Research Note

Migrant Worker and Church
Shigehiko Araya

Book Review

Yasuhiro Takeda, Comparative Politics of Democratization: Regime Transitions in East Asia
Takeshi Tomita

No.22 (2001)


A Comparative Look at Tabacco Control: The Law, Politics and Ethics of smoking in the US and Japan
Eric A. Feldman

The Role of the Statein National Technological Capability Building
M.Mustafa Erdogdu

China's Banking Reform and Financial Liberalization
John Wong

Why Does Beijing Reject the Dalai Lama Autonomy Proposal? Chinese Theories and Practice of Autonomy
Baogang He

The Realities and Problems of Secondary/Vocational-Technical Education in China: With Emphasis on Analyzing the Drop of Enrollment in Vocational-Techmical School
Ding Yan

German-Japanese Comparative Law on Damages
Gerhard Ries

Review Article

The Politics of the Asian Financial and Economic Crisis
Weiji Endo

No.21 (2001)


The IMF Policy and Its Effects on Korean Chaebols
Youn-Suk Kim
Hyeng Keun Koo

Currency Crisis: A South Asian Perspective
Moazzem Hossain
Hiranya Mukhopadhyay

Totalitarianism and the War: The German and the Japanese Vectors of the Soviet Leadership's Foreign Policy Decision-Making in the 1930s
Gennadii A. Bordiugov

Real Interest Rate Linkage in Southeast Asia before Currency Crises
Hiroshi Kitagawa

Insurance Underwriting and Financial Investment Activities of the Japanese Property and Casualty Insurance Companies
Tomoo Inoue
Yukiko Hirao

Book Review

Hyun-Ho Seok (ed.), Inequality and Justice in Korea
Shin Arita

No.20 (2000)


Preventing Ethnic Conflicts in Asia: The Relevance of Human and Minority Rights
Fernand de Varennes

The Effects of APEC Trade Liberalization: Measured through CGE Model
Kiheung Kim
Inkyo Cheong
Seunghee Han

Decentralization and Micro-regionalism in Contemporary Japan
Takaharu Kohara

Legislative Time and Agenda Power in the Japanese Diet
Mikitaka Masuyama

Japanese Postwar Literature from a Chinese Perspective
Li Dechun

Book Review

Oliver Zunz, Why the American Century?
Fumiko Nishizaki

David K. Levine and Steven A. Lippman (eds.), The Economics of Information
Kazuaki Takamatsu

No.19 (2000)Special Issue: Asian Economy

Japan 1968: A Refraction Point during the Era of the Economic Miracle
Koichi Hamada

Some Western Misunderstandings Surrounding the Origin on the Korean and Asian Economic Crises
Chang Woon Nam

Women in the Thai Economy: An Unchanged Paradigm?
Medhi Krongkaew

The Effects of Fiscal and Monetary Policy in Japan Under the Flexible Exchange Rates Regime, 1973-1998
Chikara Komura

Foreign Direct Investment and Structural Change in ASEAN Countries
Kimio Takanaka

No.18 (1999)

Export Promotion, Variable Returns to Scale, and National Welfare
Chi-Chur Chao
Eden S.H. Yu

Recent Industrial Growth and Specialisation in Selected Asian Countries
Chang Woon Nam
Kee Yung Nam

The Structure of North Korean Foreign Trade and the Implication for Its Comparative Advantage vis-a-vis South Korea
Kiheung Kim
Hyunsik Chung

The Silver Standard and Asiafs Integration into the World Economy, 1850-1914
Pierre van der Eng

The Characteristics of Japanese Analystsf Reaction to Earnings Announcements
Shiro Takahashi

No.17 (1998)Special Issue: Japan Studies


Reconsidering Amerikanizumu and Modanizumu in Interwar Japan
Barbara Sato

Tokyo through the eyes of "Crazy Maria" - Mori Mari's Tokyo and Her Sisterhood with the Daughters of Edo
Angela Yiu

Expectation and Invention: The Casual Theater of Betsuyaku Minoru
Miryam Sas

Book Review

Karen Ma, The Modern Madame Butterfly: Fantasy and Reality in Japanese Cross-Cultural Relationships
Guy Modica

No.16 (1998)


Recent Trends in Chinese Science and Technology Policy Marianne

Canadian Foreign Direct Investment in Asia
Syed M. Ahsan
Tongyuan Wang

The Regional Dynamism and Interdependence of Asia-Pacific Economy
Youn-Suk Kim

The Effects of APEC and Northeast Asian Economic Cooperation on the Economic Integration of Two Koreas
Kiheung Kim

Flow of Resources between Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Sectors in China Takahiro Kashiwagi
Takahiro Kashiwagi

From Civil Movements to Citizen's Activities and the NPO: The New Development of Civil Movements in Japan
Akihiko Takata

Book Reviews

Shaozhi Su, The Trials and Hardships in Ten Years
Kenji Tamamoto

J. Mark Ramseyer, Odd Markets in Japanese History: Law and Economic Growth
Tamio Nakamura

No.15 (1997)Special Issue: North East Asia


Politics in the Russian Far East: The Case of Primorskii Krai
Wakio Fujimoto

The Legal status of Primorye Kray as a Subject of the Russian Federation
Sergey D. Knyazev

The Current Economic Situation and the Long-term development Program of the Russian Far East
Takafumi Nakai

Integration of the Republics of the Former soviet Union into the World Economy and Regional Trade
Sadao Nagaoka

Russia's Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region
Motohide Saito

The Actual Situation of the Russian Army: An Analysis of the Military Reform
Morio Sato

Disputes on the "Northern Territories": Reading the Russian Central and Far Eastern Newspapers
Takeshi Tomita

No.14 (1997)


The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on the Pattern of Trade: Is Investment a Substitute for Trade
Koichi Hamada

Regional dialogue in Australia-Japan Relations, 1952-1964: An Australian Perspective
David Walton

APEC: The Road through Subic
Charles E. Morrison

Modernization and Individualism: The American Experience in Japan
Olivier Zunz

Stock Price Variations and Capital Ratios of 21 Major Japanese Banks
Chikara Komura
Soon Jin Kwon

Book Reviews

Takatoshi Ito and Anne Krueger, eds., Financial Deregulation and Integration in East Asia
Hiroshi Kitagawa

Thomas Rohlen and Gerald Le Tendre, eds., Teaching and Learning in Japan
Tadashi Kondo

No.13 (1996)


Indian Political Sociology: Need for a New Approach
Sanjay Yadav

Income Taxation and Household Saving in Taiwan
John Riew

Integrating Quality Costing and ABC with Japanese Quality Management
Yoshihiro Ito

The Thai-Japanese Alliance and Overseas Chinese in Thailand
Eiji Murashima

Book Reviews

Chia Siow Yue, ed., APEC: Challenges and Opportunities
Sadao Nagaoka

Paul Barry, The Rise and Rise of KERRY PACKER
Yuga Suzuki

No.12 (1995)Special Issue: APEC


Whither the APEC?: Its New Stage of Development and Tasks for the Osaka Conference
Ippei Yamazawa

APEC: Its Tasks and Prospects
Yutaka Kosai

Legal Aspects of APEC
Mitsuo Matsushita

Competition concerning Cooperation among Different Systems and Its Perspectives: China'sPolicies toward APEC
Shigeaki Uno

Book Reviews

Goto and Takeuchi, ed., Shakaishugi Betonamu to Doi Moi
Keizo Isobe

Sekiguchi and Noda, ed., Economic Interactions and Interdependence in East Asia
Seiji Endo

No.11 (1994)


Japanese Investment Strategies in East Asia
Wendy Dobson

Transmigration in Indonesia: A Geographical Viewpoint
Olivier Sevin

Asian NIEs in Transition: Firm-Level Strategies
Won Bae Kim

Trade Barriers and Direct Subsides in Oligopolistic Industries: A Comparison of Production, Welfare, and Trade Effects
Jaleel Ahmad

Implications of NAFTA for Asian and Pacific Economies: A Japanese View
Sueo Sekiguchi

Book Reviews

Roger Benjamin and Loren Yager, Fairness: The Scylla and Charybdis of U.S.-Japan Relations
Ronald S. Zavislak

Wendy Dobson, Japan in East Asia: Trading and Investment Strategies
Chikara Komura

Call for Papres

The Editorial Committee for Review of Asian and Pacific Studies welcomes all the articles that address the issues of politics, economy, society, culture, history, technology transfer, and environmental problems in the Asia-Pacific region. Manuscripts should be written either in English or in Japanese, and under no circumstances longer than 10000 words in English and 24000 characters in Japanese, including all notes, tables, figures and references. An abstract of up to 300 words (written in English) must precede the main text. Manuscripts should be typed on one side of the paper with generous margin and should be double-spaced throughout. The preferred word processing package for producing manuscripts is Microsoft Word.

Prospective authors should submit their manuscripts by e-mail ( and also a printed copy of the manuscript to the Editorial Committee (for the address, see above). All manuscripts are sent to independent referees; contributors should allow time for the process of refereeing to take place.

The guideline of style for manuscripts is given below.


1.Title Heading:

Title of the paper, Author's name(s), Affiliation, and e-mail address on separate lines.

Stock Variations and Capital Ratios of 21 Major Japanese Banks
Chikara Komura
Faculty of Economics, Seikei University
Soon Jin Kwon
Faculty of Economics, Hagi International University

2.Each chapter:

Each chapter should be given a number,I,II,III,E
The introductory part should be I. Introduction. Use subheadings as follows.

  • * First subheading : 1, 2, 3, 4,E
  • * Second subheading : (1), (2), (3), (4),E
  • * Third subheading : a, b, c, d,E


All items cited in the body text and footnotes should be listed in References.
Citations should take the form: Author's surname Name (Year, Page number if necessary).
Footnotes should not be used except when unavoidable.

Nash (1950) shows General Equilibrium Theory.


had been shown as General Equilibrium Theory (Nash, 1950).

  • * Notes on author's identification and acknowledgements should be placed as the first footnote without any footnote mark.
  • * Notes should be consecutively numbered 1, 2, 3, Ethroughout the article.

Basic form of references is as follows:


For details applicable to particular types of materials, see (3)-(4)
A succession of works by the same author is treated as follows:
The name is given for the first entry and an eight-space for subsequent references.

The order is by year of publication.

Eliot, T. S. 1920. The Sacred Wood. London: Methuen.
________. 1922. The Waste Land. New York: Harcourt.

Items published in the same year are distinguished by adding letters a, b, c, Eafter the year of publication.

Eliot, T. S. 1920a. The Sacred Wood. London: Methuen.
________. 1920b. The Waste Land. New York: Harcourt.

Edited works follow written works.
Co-authored works follow edited works.

♦Books: Author(s). Year of publication. Title. Place of publication: Publisher.

Single author: surname, given name(s).

Basu, Karen. 1984. The Less Developed Economy. London: Basil Blackwell.

Items published in the same year are distinguished by
adding letters a, b, c, Eafter the year of publication.

Lyon, Mary, Bryce Lyon, and Henry S. Lucas. 1983.
The Wardrobe Book of William de Norwell. Brussels:
Commission Royaled’Histoire de Belgique.
♦Edited work: author, ed.
von Hallberg, Robert, ed. 1989. Canons. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
♦Monographs, Articles: Author(s). Year.
“Title.Eand as follows:
♦Monograph in a journal: Journal Name, Volume, Number: Page.
Scott, J. 1991. “Politics in EEPolitical Review, Vol.6, No.1: 26-38.
♦Monograph in a book: In Editor's Name, ed. Book Title. Place of publication: Publisher: Page.
Patel, S. 1997.“Nest of Vipers.EIn V. Singh, ed. Renewal in Indian Politics. Bangalore: Karnataka Academic Press: 389-416.
♦Thesis: Institution.
Kim, S. Jin. 1996. “Power En Product.EMaster Thesis, Seoul University.
♦Article in newspaper or magazine: Newspaper/Magazine title, Volume or Month-Date
Kim, S. Jin. 1996. “Power En Product.EMaster Thesis, Seoul University.
♦If the author is unknown;
The Daily Yomiuri. 1998. “If the Market Balloon Bursts, U.S. Economy May Bubble on.EApril 30.


When equations or formulas are included in the paper, variables should be in italic. If the variable is mentioned in the body text or in tables, it should also be in italic.

u2(t) = c1u1(t) + e2(t)


Figures and tables should be consecutively numbered, and the number given at the top of a table and the bottom of a figure. The unit must be specified, as must the source (if the figure or the table is your own, state this). Use N/A for unknown data.


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