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"Single department system" in which students can comprehensively develop varied advanced skills in economics and management

Economics and management. Generally, these two fields have been taught as two separate disciplines. In the Faculty of Economics of Seikei University, we established a single Department of Economics and Management in which students may study both fields together. By studying economics and management comprehensively as a single discipline, students can develop expertise that allows a broader response to the issues facing modern society. In the real world, a variety of contradictory factors are often complicatedly tangled up within economic phenomena and problems and there is no clear boundary between economics and management. We aim at cultivating people with "intelligence and a commonsense suited to the times" who can stand against and offer insight into the many current mass global scale economic phenomena and problems.

Nurturing professionals with "thinking skills" and "dignity" through a curriculum appropriate to each individual student

The goal of each student is to decide "what he or she wants to learn and what kind of professional he or she wants to be", and to support this. the Faculty of Economics offers "Specialist Courses" where a student selects specific subjects, develops their expert knowledge, and is certified as a specialist.

In addition, centering on "cultivation of character", "self-formation", and "development of vocational skills" based on "character education respecting individuality", we have an "Information Analysis Program" and "Self-designing Course" for selected students, and an effective system named "Academic Advisory Board (AAB)" that allows students to consult with teachers. We practice education while facing each individual student and nurture professionals with "thinking skill" and "dignity".

Specialist Courses