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Graduate School of Economics and Management

Master’s Program and Doctoral Program in Economics and Management

In the Graduate School of Economics and Management, students learn to grasp complex and diverse issues in our society and develop sophisticated analytical skills expected of first-rate economists and professionals in management and accounting. There is also a one-year Program for Working Adults for those with work experience. The Doctoral Program aims at producing scholars who will contribute to society with original research. Students who successfully complete the program, including dissertation, are awarded Doctoral Degrees.


Economics and Management Course

General Program

This program trains students to become highly-specialized professionals by providing basic and practical knowledge in economic policies and management methods.

Long-Term Study Program

In this program, students will complete the General Program in four years, by commuting to the university once a week and obtaining eight to ten credits per year. Tuition for each year is half that of the General Program. In order to register in this program, a student must first be enrolled as a credited auditor of the Economics and Management Course at least for a semester.

Public Policy Program

This program is for acquiring knowledge about public policies including finances and welfare and is aimed at developing competent personnel to engage in high-skill jobs working with government and local administration.

Advanced Tax Practice Program

This program is available only for those majoring in management. Students in this program will conduct specialized research on tax practice, with a goal of becoming advanced tax practice professionals. Those with strong interests in studying and working in the field of tax practice are encouraged to join this program. Those with basic knowledge in accounting and tax laws, required for writing a master’s thesis, are welcome.

Researcher Training Course

This course is a five-year program in which students who complete the Master’s Program are expected to proceed to the three-year Doctoral Program. This course is for students with a strong motivation and passion to become academic researchers.

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