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Law School (Graduate School of Legal Apprenticeship)

Small-class instruction, linking theory and business practice in the Legal Professional Training Course Program.

The Seikei University Law School aims to nurture legal professionals (judges, prosecutors, lawyers) in order to help them benefit society. The Law School particularly focuses on the development of resources that aid problem solving in such fields as international business and law or corporate legal affairs. The Law School is open to both full-time and part-time students. Those students who are working can complete the program in two or three academic years, which is the same as those who attend day classes, because there are night classes available. Students have various undergraduate degrees including not only law but also other majors. In the long Seikei University tradition of small class instruction, the Law School offers a good learning environment for the students. Student Study Rooms in the Law School Building have desks allocated to each and every student. Professors’ Offices are also in the same building. It is therefore easy for the students not only to ask any instructor about any questions they might have but also to benefit from the instructors’ insights outside of the classroom.

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