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Faculty of Humanities

Literature, language, international culture or modern society – approaches the question, "what are human beings?" from various perspectives

Global Society Course

As the name "Faculty of Humanities" implies, this is a faculty that approaches the question of "what are human beings?" For example, in the Department of English and American Literature and the Department of Japanese Literature, human nature as expressed in literature or language is interpreted. Students will learn about humanity by gaining an understanding of the global culture that goes beyond language barriers in the Department of Cross-Cultural Studies, and through examining current social phenomena in the Department of Contemporary Societies. All four departments of the Faculty of Humanities aim to explore human nature, although their perspectives are different.

Cultivation of a broader perspective and flexible mentality through interdisciplinary learning

One of the special features of the Faculty of Humanities is that students can freely take specialized subjects in other departments, going beyond inter-departmental barriers. This enables students to obtain broader and diversified perspectives, without being bound by their specialized field. In addition, another special feature of the Faculty is that it puts emphasis on the development of abilities corresponding to globalization and informatization. The faculty aims to nurture global professionals with flexible intelligence and the critical mind required for life in modern society, where various conflicting values coexist, i.e. comprehensive "qualities and competence."