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Department of English and American Literature

Goal of the Department

Language skills are the basis of cross-cultural communication. The goal of the Department of English and American Literature is to acquire world-class practical English proficiency. It includes not only "speaking, listening, reading, and writing" skills but also deep interests and observation skills in ways of thinking and the humanities by examining European and American cultures and their historical backgrounds through the study of English and American literature. We put weight on acquiring knowledge which enables to express opinions accurately toward the world, and have the goal to acquire sufficient adaptability to function as internationally-minded people on the world stage.

Educational Content

The Department of English and American Literature in every year of its programs puts weight on specialized education in small groups focusing on seminars (exercise classes). We also employ an education system in which the students can acquire an appropriate understanding of real globalization; so as to gradually deepen the knowledge of their research subjects with emphasizing a methodology of approaching a research subject from interdisciplinary perspectives. There are needed curriculums to acquire qualifications so as to take them reasonably.

Studies in the Four Years

In the first year, students improve their basic skills in the learning and research of English and American literature and English philology through introductory lectures, extensive reading and in-depth reading of various kinds of English-language materials. They improve the four English skills with direct instruction from native English teachers, and with a language laboratory class with computers in our CALL room. In addition, we offer a "Freshman Seminar" where students can learn the basics of research methods and other skills. In the second year, the students acquire an overview of the entire English and American Literature through studies in literary histories, and establish a foundation in English and American literature and English philology through specialized lectures. They also improve their practical English proficiency through lectures given by native English teachers, and learn approaches to research, and how to structure opinions in our "Sophomore Seminar." In the third and fourth years, the students undertake research mainly in seminars into subjects set for respective topics including English literature, American literature, English philology, sociolinguistics, and English education so as to develop a high level of expertise. They will finish their work as a graduation thesis. The entire curriculum is carefully organized to offer a wide choice of subjects including such as European and American cultural histories and modern histories, and the students will acquire a comprehensive perspective. For English conversation and composition, the students improve practical English proficiency through ability grouping class by lecturers, most of whom are native English speakers.

Career Options

The career of graduates, who can use the expertise, knowledge, and English proficiency developed in the seminars includes working in foreign-owned enterprises, overseas and other departments of domestic companies, public officers, and teachers. There is also an option to explore a specialized field as a graduate student.