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Department of Systems Design Engineering

Developing the ability to solve problems in the real world that have more than one right answer

Features of the Department

Seeing and designing objects as systems

The Department of Systems Design Engineering offers a curriculum for training engineers who can work in the fields of management engineering and robotics, as well as in mechanics and electronics, which are the basis of industry. It aims at developing competent engineers who have the wide perspective and problem-solving skills needed in society. In recent years, the development of many machines and products could never have been achieved with knowledge of just one field, such as mechanics or electronics. The Department of Systems Design Engineering covers all the fields of "Mechanics," "Electronics," "Robotics," and "Management Engineering;" students comprehensively acquire knowledge and learn about those technologies that are the basis of modern manufacturing. From this foundation and from a comprehensive perspective, they can observe and design development objects such as machines and products as systems.

Systems and subjects for a wider perspective and developing problem-solving skills

Our "Freshman Seminar" in the first year and "System Design Laboratory II" and "Project Exercise" are all project-type subjects where students work at given tasks in groups to develop problem-solving skills by finding solutions and completing the tasks by themselves. When the students go up to the third year, each student selects two courses from "Mechanics," "Electronics," "Robotics," and "Management Engineering" and focuses on course specific subjects. Taking multiple courses widens a student’s perspective and develops a heightened ability to respond flexibly. In the latter half of the third year, each student joins a laboratory to develop their expertise. Through programming and CAD learning subjects, the students acquire computer knowledge and the basics of drafting and design, essential skills for an engineer.