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Admission of International Students

All applicants from overseas must fulfill the following entrance requirements.

  • Certificate of having completed 12 years of school education (16 years for Master’s Program and 18 years for Doctoral Programs), the equivalent of graduation from a Japanese high school.
  • Evidence of having sufficient funds to study in Japan for the duration of the degree/course.

Degree Admission

  • Applicants are required to pass relevant entrance examinations to be enrolled as full-time student in the undergraduate or in the graduate schools. The school year begins in April; there is no mid-year admission.
  • Please note that lectures are given in Japanese, applicants are required to have sufficient Japanese language proficiency.

Undergraduate Admissions

Entrance examination for students applying from abroad is included in the A.O.MULDES (Admission Office Multi Dimensional Entrance Examination for Seikei University).

Schedule of A.O.MULDES


*Japanese only

Results of A.O.MULDES

Graduate School Admissions

Entrance examination for applicants from abroad and from Japan is under the same procedure.

Schedule of Graduate School Admissions

*Japanese Literature only

About Graduate School Admissions

*Japanese only

Results of Graduate School Admissions

*Japanese Literature only

Non-Degree Enrollment

International Auditors

The Seikei Institute for International Studies (SIIS) accepts applicants of foreign nationals to audit one or more lectures in the undergraduate courses. Any foreign nationals, including adults and working professionals, who have completed 12 years of school education in countries other than Japan and whose status of residence allows them to stay in Japan until the end date of the courses to be audited may apply. No credits are awarded to auditors.

International auditors can use facilities such as the University Library and the Seikei Center for Higher Education Development (SCHED), as well as participate in welcome parties and educational tours organized by SIIS.

*Japanese only

Part-time Students

International students may be enrolled as part-time students to take specific lectures in the undergraduate or the graduate courses and obtain official credit.

Types of part-time students

  • Part-time undergraduate students: students who take specific lectures in the undergraduate courses (up to 32 credits per year).
  • Part-time graduate students: students who take specific lectures in the Graduate Schools.

*Japanese only

Research Students

International students may be accepted to study either at an undergraduate or at a graduate level for one academic year as research students. Research students study under their advisors and may take several lectures related to their research themes. No credits or degrees are awarded to research students.

Accepting Faculties/Graduate Schools

  • University (Undergraduate) research students
    Accepting Faculties: Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Law

  • Graduate research students
    Accepting Graduate Schools: Graduate School of Science and Technology, Graduate School of Economics and Management, Graduate School of Law and Political Science, Graduate School of Humanities

*Japanese only