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International Student Support

Japanese-Language Education at Seikei University

The Seikei Institute for International Studies (SIIS) offers Japanese language and Japanese culture subjects for foreign students.

Large course selection

Japanese language subjects are divided into four levels: low, intermediate, high intermediate, and advanced, allowing students to take subjects suited to their Japanese ability and purposes. Because we have prepared a variety of subjects including reading comprehension, grammar, conversation, kanji and vocabulary, and report writing, our program can accommodate a wide range of Japanese study needs. However, there are no classes for absolute beginners.

Small class size

Our principle of small-class education, which is one of the university’s major characteristics, is implemented in Japanese language education, too. Each class has from 3 to 20 students, with the number adjusted in relation to the type of study and the purpose. Instructors provide each foreign student with meticulous guidance.

Introduction to Japan Culture

In addition to Japanese language subjects, SIIS offers subjects on Japanese culture; introducing various attributes and issues in Japanese society today. Each class is taught by a number of instructors, and is fashioned to provide students with a multifaceted understanding of contemporary Japanese society, social issues, and other relevant matters.

Financial Aid for International Students

Seikei University awards financial aid to foreign students enrolled as full-time student, who are studying in Japan at their own expense.

Reduction of tuition and other fees

Reduction from 30% to 50% of the total amount of the tuition, facilities fee, and laboratory fees could be awarded.


For details on the Japanese language subjects and financial aid, please contact SIIS.

Accommodation for Students

There is a dormitory for both foreign and Japanese students named "Dormy Kichijoji". 7 minutes walk to the university campus, all single rooms with necessary facilities (bathroom, toilet, kitchen, fridge, desk, chair, bed, bookshelf, reading light, air conditioner, curtains, internet).

*Japanese only