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Graduate School of Law and Political Science

Master’s Programs and Doctoral Programs in Law and Political Science

From global society to our local community, we are facing various legal and political problems today. Properly understanding such problems and suggesting adequate solutions are important challenges for modern society.

Based on such a perspective, students of the Graduate School of Law and Political Science enhance their broad horizons needed in an increasingly internationalized society, analytical abilities and judgment necessary in the information age, and sophisticated social-scientific thinking, while conducting advanced research in the specialized fields of law and political science. In addition, the Graduate School of Law and Political Science aims to cultivate the academic research capabilities needed to produce research results that benefit society and academia, and to foster the ability to solve the various problems facing human society.



This course is taught by first-class specialists in various fields from basic law to legal issues in cutting-edge fields.

Areas of research are wide-ranging within the entire law area, including public law such as the Constitution and administrative law, private law such as civil law, commercial law and civil procedure code, and criminal law such as penal law and criminal procedure law, as well as basic law. Research is also conducted with special interest in recent law trends. In addition, support is provided to help students conduct sufficient research concerning legal developments from an international perspective, through the provision of extensive materials, etc.

Political Science

This course is taught by researchers who represent each field from basic and classical fields to leading-edge fields, including fields of political thought, political history, international politics, quantitative analysis, and political culture. Active research is conducted over a wide-ranging area, including political philosophy and theory, political history, public administration, local governance, political culture, political process, international politics, regional research on Europe, United States, Russia, China, etc. Close external communication is performed through joint research, such as participation in a research project sponsored by the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies.

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