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Center for Asian and Pacific Studies

Center for Asian and Pacific Studies

The Center for Asian and Pacific Studies (CAPS) was established in 1981 at Seikei University to promote academic research and communication between scholars in the Asia Pacific region. CAPS is operated by a research and secretarial staff appointed by the President of Seikei University. Members of the CAPS steering committee, who represent four Faculties – Economics, Science and Technology, Humanities, and Law – provide CAPS with approval/advice on their policies.

The Asia and Pacific Rim has received the growing attention of scholars and practitioners in policy-making and businesses because of the dynamic changes in politics, economies and societies. Due partly to rapid economic growth, environmental problems have also surfaced as a matter of public concern in the region. To meet the challenges of these changes, CAPS promotes research that incorporates an effective collaboration between students of different disciplines, including economics, applied and natural sciences, sociology and political science. CAPS also encourages closer cooperation among experts of various countries.

Thus, CAPS aims to: Promote research in social sciences and technological development which are relevant to the Asia and Pacific Rim region.

Facilitate exchanges of experts in the above-stated fields of sciences of various countries in the region.

Enhance dissemination of research and information through publication of the Review of Asian and Pacific studies books and discussion papers.

Hold seminars by experts and create opportunities for them to give lectures for students so that interests of students can be stimulated in the above-described areas.