Outline of Undergraduate Faculties

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Outline of Undergraduate Faculties

Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics has a single department; the Department of Economics and Management, which was originally two – the Department of Economics and the Department of Business –, providing a flexible learning environment in which students can choose courses based on their needs and goals.

Faculty of Law

The faculty of Law has two departments; the Department of Law and the Department of Political Science, providing a curriculum which allows students from either departments to take lectures from the other department, so that they can study with knowing the relevancy of law and politics.

Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities has four departments; the Department of English and American Literature, the Department of Japanese Literature, the Department of Cross-Cultural Studies, the Department of Contemporary Societies, in which students can learn about humanity from various perspectives.

Faculty of Science and Technology

The Faculty of Science and Technology constitutes three departments; the Department of Materials and Life Science, the Department of Computer and Information Science, the Department of Systems Design Engineering, based on the policy of being “mission-oriented,” providing education that can meet both the needs of the students and the society.