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Graduate School of Humanities

Master’s Programs and Doctoral Programs in English and American Literature, Japanese Literature, Socio-Cultural Sciences

The Graduate School of Humanities provides three majors: English and American Literature, Japanese Literature, and Socio-Cultural Sciences. Each major program has a Master’s Course and Doctor’s Course. Graduate schools in modern society are expected to play the three following roles: training future researchers who will shoulder leading-edge research, nurturing sophisticated professionals such as schoolteachers, and providing a place for advanced-level lifelong learning for working adults. In order to respond to such expectations, this School provides its Research Course, General Course, and English Education Course (for the English and American Literature major only) in the Master’s Course of each major program, in order to provide courses that are suitable for its students.


English and American Literature

In order to meet the various needs of this age, this major aims to nurture researchers who cover not only English and American literature or English linguistics, but wider-ranging literature and cultures of English-speaking countries. Meanwhile, one of the main principles is to develop professionals in English education by linking theory with practice, while cultivating in them the ability to put English into real world use.

Japanese Literature

In the classic literature area, students receive instruction from faculty members who specialize in Antiquity, Middle Antiquity, the Middle Ages and Edo literature respectively; in the modern literature area, students can conduct research in wide-ranging areas of periods from the Meiji period to the present. In addition, Japanese linguistics study covers historical research, modern language research and theoretical research. One of the outstanding characteristics of this major is that students can examine Japanese literature and Japanese language from various perspectives as well as conduct deep and advanced research, while acquiring a basic knowledge and education regarding, classic literature, modern literature and Japanese linguistics.

Socio-Cultural Sciences

This major covers wide-ranging research areas, from history and anthropology in Asian-African areas including Japan in addition to Western countries to sociology and communication studies. In this major, students may conduct interdisciplinary and comprehensive research from creative perspectives without being bound by their areas of specialization, while performing in-depth research in the areas of their specialization. The aim of this major is to develop human resources who are equipped with a broader vision and education, while being capable of deep thought and vitalizing their knowledge in their areas of specialization.

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