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Outline of Graduate Schools

The disciplines available in the Seikei University Graduate Schools vary from research with high social or cultural value to research in the most-advanced fields. Each Graduate School also strives to enhance its facilities and equipment, including study rooms exclusively for graduate students, to allow students to conduct in-depth research in their fields. Research results produced through research conducted on a person-to-person basis between students and instructors have been receiving attention and are highly regarded by society.

Graduate School of Economics and Management

The Graduate School of Economics and Management consists of a "Researcher Training Course," which prepares graduate students to be specialized researchers in the field of economics or management, and the "Economics and Management Course," designed to train top-notch professionals. The Economics and Management Course is in turn divided into a two-year "General Program," targeting students aspiring to become international business persons, researchers or civil servants, and the "Advanced Tax Practice Program," which is designed for students aspiring to become accounting specialists or tax accountants. In the Advanced Tax Practice Program, students get thorough guidance in writing theses concerning tax laws through seminars in small groups. In addition, depending on the needs of the candidates, the two-year "General Program" may be completed in four years in a "Long-Term Program", or in just one year in a "Program for Working Adults," which is aimed at people with work experience. The variety of programs and thorough guidance effectively support students in realizing their professional and academic dreams.

Graduate School of Law and Political Science

Students of the Graduate School of Law and Political Science will conduct sophisticated research in the fields of both law and political science, while acquiring a broader vision adequate for a globalizing society and polishing their logical thinking abilities. The students will also develop academic research capacities for producing abundant research results that can contribute to society or academia and skills to solve various problems of human society. The Graduate School provides detailed guidance through seminars (exercises) or study groups in small groups.

Graduate School of Humanities

The Graduate School of Humanities aims to explore and understand human qualities as conceived from a broad horizon and through hints provided by language, literature, culture, and the media that cover the gamut of contemporary society. Students exercise autonomy in conducting their research, such as in detailed investigations of highly specialized themes or in conducting research by linking fields to their themes. The School also has credit transfer agreements for all majors with graduate schools at other universities to facilitate research and academic exchange.

Graduate School of Science and Technology

Based on social missions imposed on the field of science and technology, three courses – the "Materials and Life Science Courses," the "Information Science Course" and the "Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Course" – which correspond to the three departments of the Faculty of Science and Technology, are provided in the Graduate School of Science and Technology. Students can make interdisciplinary choices of subjects from among an abundant subject lineup, giving them some freedom to take subjects in courses other than their own. This Graduate School aims to nurture engineers and researchers who have acquired broader visions and deep knowledge for carrying out superior and creative research or developments and are capable of contributing to society with high ethical standards, under the guidance of multiple instructors.

Law School

The Law School of Seikei University is a professional graduate school for nurturing legal professionals. Seikei University has made practical science its first educational principle, and, in order to respond to the demands of the present age and the reform of the judicial system, the Law School provides education combining legal theory and practice through its traditional small-class instruction. It aims to develop legal expertise and legal ethics in students, so as to nurture them to take on three legal professions (judges, prosecutors, lawyers) with practical abilities.