Welcome to Seikei University

We, at Seikei University, welcome exchange students from our overseas affiliated universities every year.
We strive to provide a dynamic educational environment, curriculum, and extracurricular activities that will contribute to the growth of students who are seeking a unique and exciting cultural experience whilst studying abroad, but at the same time enable them to have the opportunity to be enriched intellectually with the remarkable educational resources and programs that Seikei has to offer. If you are interested in studying in Japan, please take some time to explore through our website for more information on what we have to offer. We invite you to join us at this vibrant community of motivated students and distinguished faculty.
We look forward to welcoming you to our campus.

About Seikei University

Seikei University is a campus situated in the leafy suburb of Kichijoji, not far from the center of Tokyo. The campus of Seikei consists of education from the elementary level up to graduate school. The cornerstone of the educational philosophy at Seikei is to guide and lead students into becoming confident individuals who can share their own opinions, while also respect the views and individuality of others. This is achieved through a family-oriented community where the students can receive care and support on an individual basis if needed.

Seikei Gakuen's Organizational Chart

Seikei University is a part of Seikei Gakuen. Gakuen is a word that applies specifically to our institution, which consists of the different levels of education that we have. Please refer to the organization chart below.

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If you are interested in applying for exchange program, your home university must have a current exchange agreement with Seikei University. Please contact your home university international office exchange coordinator for application details and materials. For a brief overview of the exchange program, please see our Exchange Program Information Sheet 2023-2024.

1. Japanese Courses

There are five levels of Japanese courses which are designed to accommodate the various proficiency levels of the students. The motto of Seikei University is to provide our international students with smaller classes, from a range of 10 pupils or less, which presents an ideal language learning environment. The curriculum includes required subjects that provide overall improvement in the four skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Apart from the required subjects, there are electives such as ,"Tadoku" where there is an opportunity to read a variety of easy Japanese books, and other courses include, "Business Japanese," "Japanese-Language Proficiency Test," "Role Playing," and "Japanese Affairs."

2. Regular Courses

Exchange students can take regular university courses taught in Japanese in four faculties depending on each student's Japanese language ability. In addition, they can take classes of Seikei International Course in English, which include classes such as "Regional Studies Seminar", "Global Peace Studies", "World Politics in Comparative Perspectives", etc. Seikei University strives to provide a global environment where Japanese and foreign students can learn and inspire each other. Exchange students are informed of classes open to them at the beginning of each academic year.


There are two types of scholarships available for exchange students at Seikei University. The recipients of the scholarships must take part actively in the exchange program events with Seikei University students, and cooperate during activities and publicity events organized by Seikei Institute for International Studies (SIIS).
*The Seikei Scholarship and scholarships from other organizations can be combined, provided that the total amount of the Seikei Scholarship and scholarships from other organizations does not exceed 100,000 yen.

Kumiko Fukaya International Scholarship
Monthly payment 60,000 yen
Length of payment Up to 10 months
Number of recipients 1 applicant per semester
Seikei University Scholarship
Monthly payment 40,000 yen
Length of payment Up to 10 months
Number of recipients The annual number of recipients is 60 students.

4.Life at Seikei University

1- Off-campus

Dormy Inokashira-Koen(ドーミー井の頭公園)

Dormy Inokashira-Koen is an off-campus dormitory exclusively for Seikei students (Both domestic and international students). The dormitory with 59 single rooms is located within a 40-minute-walk from Seikei University.

Information about Dormy Inokashira-Koen(ドーミー井の頭公園)

Address: 4-2-34 Mure, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo, 1800002, Japan

< Access >

12-minute walk from Inokashira-Koen station / 15-minute walk from Kichijoji station / 12-minute bicycle ride from Seikei University (2.9km)

< Descriptions >

All single rooms (13.44 ㎡, Furnished)
Capacity 59 rooms: 30 for exchange students, 29 for Japanese students
Meals included (breakfast & dinner : Monday-Saturday except holidays)
Wi-Fi and Laundry available
Curfew : 00:00-06:30AM
Bicycle rental*Option

< Facilities >

Dining room, Public bath, Private shower room(24-hour availability), Laundry room, Powder room, Bicycle parking, etc

< Fees >

Rent : ¥2,100/day (~Aug. 31, 2024)/ ¥2,500/day (Sept.1, 2024~)
(including meals, internet, heat, light and water)

Deposit : ¥40,000 (Refundable)

Bedding & linen lease fee : ¥30,800/year, ¥18,920/semester
*(prices for beddings are subject to change)

Bicycle rental *Option:¥2,000/month, Bicycle insurance:¥2,000

2- On-campus

The international house, Kokusaikouryu-kaikan(国際交流会館)

The International House consists of student wing and Faculty wing.
Exchange students and Resident Assistants (RA;Seikei Students) reside in the student building, and international exchange takes place regularly.

Information about The international house, "Kokusaikouryu-kaikan"(国際交流会館)

Address: 3-6-35 Kichijoji-Kitamachi, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, 1800001, Japan

< Access >

20-minute walk from Kichijoji station / 1-minute walk from Seikei University

< Descriptions >

All single rooms (20.00 ㎡, Furnished)
Capacity 15 rooms: 10 for exchange students, 5 for Japanese students
No meals, Kitchen available
Wi-Fi available
Curfew : 00:00-06:30AM

< Facilities >

Dining room, Kitchen with microwave and refrigerator, Coin Laundries etc

< Fees >

Rent : ¥1,700/day (~Aug. 31, 2024)/ ¥2,100/day (Sept.1, 2024~)
(excluding meals, heat, light and water)

Deposit : ¥40,000 (Refundable)

Bedding & linen lease fee : ¥22,000~/year, ¥13,000~/semester
*(prices for beddings are subject to change)

Coin Laundries : Washing machine:200yen/hour, Dryer:200yen/hour

Heat, light and water : Contracting on your own (Reference:Approximately 8,000-10,000yen/month)

Meals :Preparing food for yourself (Reference: Approximately 25,000-30,000 yen/month)


from Japanese language lecturer and our student advisor:

Mari Kawakami,
Chief Japanese Language Lecturer

I am aware of the fact that each exchange student has had a different experience of Japanese instruction. This is a point I keep in mind when I am instructing. I also offer advice about the courses they register with consideration for their future plans. With this in mind, the classes at Seikei University with the exchange students are held mostly with a maximum of 10 students per class. I believe that this number is an ideal amount for a language learning environment.
The required subjects' aims are to get the students to improve their skills comprehensively of listening, speaking, reading and writing. These courses are designed for the students of intermediate and advanced levels. The students can also take electives that they are interested in and that match their levels. These are the subjects which make Seikei University's Japanese courses unique. We have lectures tailored for taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and most students pass the test before completing their studies here. In addition to Japanese subjects, "Japanese Affairs" is one of the popular classes. It allows the students to have the opportunity to look at Japan through a variety of lenses, which includes topics such as, politics, economics, society, sports, entertainment and international relations.
Please join us here at Seikei University, and I look forward to your arrival here in Japan.

Junko Yamashita,
Japanese Language Lecturer

If you are looking at this page now, it means that you are interested in Seikei University among the many universities in Japan. Let me explain a little about our university. Seikei University has a lushly green campus in Kichijoji, Tokyo. Our university does not have a large number of students, which enables students to receive very intensive instruction.
Japanese language courses are offered at a variety of levels. At each level, we offer comprehensive classes to improve the four skills (i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing). In addition, we offer elective classes to meet the interests of each student. For example, you can join 'Contemporary Topics in Japanese Society' to learn more about Japanese culture. In 'Role-play' course, you can perform a play with your classmates. You can also improve your Japanese by taking classes such as 'Extensive Reading' or 'Japanese for Business'. If you want to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, you can prepare for it in 'JLPT N1 Training' and 'JLPT N2 Training'.

In our course, volunteer students will participate in some classes, so you will have a chance to meet students from Seikei University. If you live in the university dormitory, you will be able to make friends with them by participating in international exchange events.

So, what did you think? Do you want to study abroad at Seikei University? Please make your wish come true. We are waiting for the day when we can meet you in the classroom.

Seikei University Student Advisor

As a student advisor, I shared my life with the exchange students and supported them in their daily lives. From the reading of a kanji to connecting to the Internet, I assisted them with many things like listening to their problems. For students that are unfamiliar with Japanese, I tried to use simple Japanese for communication, and can really see their Japanese improving every time I talked with them. I think one of the biggest attractions of Seikei University is the fact that the students get to come in contact with Japanese students outside of their lectures.

After they had just arrived to Japan, we had a student and student advisor relationship, but now we discuss our problems freely with each other, and I feel like we are friends or even family. Sometimes we go out together and go sightseeing on our days off, and every day was fun. If there is anything you need help with while you are in Japan, all the advisors are here to provide you with support, so please come and feel at home at Seikei University.

from exchange students studying at Seikei University:

Adrian, Germany
Exchange student

The student advisor program at Seikei University was one of the biggest reasons I selected it as my destination for studying abroad. This program is a system unique to Seikei University where Japanese students, called advisors, provide support to exchange students. The advisors live in International House within the grounds of the campus along with the exchange students, and help whenever there is some problem. I even had one come along to the hospital with me when I caught a cold. We exchange students can go about our daily lives with ease because the student advisors are there. That is not the only thing that attracted me to Seikei University. All of the lectures are interesting, and the lecturers are kind and entertaining. Of all my lectures, I like the one about kanji in particular. I can read more kanji because of this lecture and I can really feel it in my daily life.

I feel that the reason my Japanese has improved so much is because I live alongside Japanese students. It will definitely benefit you all more to come to Japan to study rather than trying to learn Japanese in your home country. If you have an interest in Japan, consider coming to Seikei University to study.

Supitsara, Thailand
Exchange Student

I decided to study abroad at the encouragement of an older colleague who had studied at Seikei University. She told me that daily life at Seikei University was fulfilling and that the scholarship programs were well-developed. In general, it is the impression in Thailand that the cost of studying abroad is expensive and the hurdles are too high. My mother also worried about the money, but the scholarship program helped me get to study abroad.

By studying at Seikei University, you can rest assured that you are going to be able to learn how to speak Japanese. You can of course learn all about living in Japan, its culture, but because you are living together with students from other countries, you get a feel for a lot of different cultures. This study abroad has made it apparent to me how narrow my views were when I lived in Thailand. Actually living here is the shortest route to learning about Japan. I am sure you are still concerned about some aspects of living in Japan, but please take the plunge and challenge yourself to study here.

Campus Life

Semester Schedules and Events

Spring Semester
March Meet and greet exchange students at the airport by buddies
Admission into the dormitory
April "Orientation for exchange students
Start of first semester
Welcoming ceremony for exchange students
Welcome party hosted by student advisors
May Seikei Regatta Event
July Event hosted by student advisors
End of first semester
Final Examinations
Graduation ceremony for exchange students Farewell party hosted by student advisors
Fall Semester
September Meet and greet exchange students at the airport by buddies
Admission into the dormitory
Orientation for exchange students
Start of second semester
Welcoming ceremony for exchange students
Welcome party hosted by the student advisors
October Event hosted by student advisors
November Campus Festival
January End of second semester
Final examinations
Graduation ceremony for exchange students
Farewell party hosted by student advisors